'Pleroma' by Vajra CD

'Pleroma' by Vajra CD

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Our debut cult album “Pleroma” was released on the Summer Solstice, 2012 (6.21.12), and is an exploration in paradox (east vs west, soft vs pummeling, female vs male) and includes appearances by Blake Fleming (ex-Mars Volta) on drums, Doug Wright (The Dirty Pearls) on bass and Will Dahl (Harley’s War) on guitar.

Pleroma” is hauntingly dark and hypnotic weaving Eastern Indian themes with melodic, progressive rock creating foreboding and mysterious lullabies. Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of A Down, Prince, Johnny Cash) co-produced the vocals and mixed. Tom Baker (NIN, Foo Fighters, Ministry, Prince) mastered.

Annamaria Pinna- Writer, Producer, Vocals, Keys, Flute
Blake Fleming - Drums
Bass: Doug Wright
Guitar: Will Dahl
Tabla: Turtle Jon

All songs Written and Produced by Annamaria Pinna
Vocal Production by Annamaria Pinna & Sylvia Massy Shivy
Recorded at Vacation Island Recording by Matt Boynton & at Radiostar Studios by Sylvia Massy Shivy & Ian Rickard
Mixed at Radiostar Studios by Sylvia Massy Shivy & Rich Veltrop
Mastered at Precision Audio by Tom Baker

Art Direction: Annamaria Pinna
Design/Layout: Gayatri Patel & Gregory A. Bardashian
All Rights Reserved

"sinister, sprawling, and stately featuring booming, tribal drums, ominous synths and lucent, spiraling guitars...[w]hat further sets them apart is the East Indian mysticism that pervades thanks to Pinna's hypnotic, Classical Hindustani-tinged singing..."-Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover Magazine

"Vajra marries the sound of eastern India with the abrasive, melodic infrastructure of progressive rock. Since playing their first show in 2011, Vajra has been captivating the NYC music scene with their eyebrow raising theatrical antics and uncanny sound. [Their] live show is like a cathartic punch in the face." -Greg Mania, Creem Magazine

"...an innovative nexus of melodic prog, world beat and hypnotic eastern vibes, delivered with dramatic panache." -Nick Tate, Progression Magazine

"...Pleroma has it all: drama, emotion, moving power ballads, captivating lyrics and catchy rocks songs with just enough dark edge and pop hooks to ensnare new fans…" -Rick Jamm, Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine

"I own a small rock station in Southwest Oklahoma and we play the shit outta "Blind". I LOVE IT. That middle-eastern flavor mixed into rock is friggen' amazing!" -Snarl Greywolf, KHOWL 98.7