Spring Rain at Sylvan Lake Magick Mist

Spring Rain at Sylvan Lake Magick Mist

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Half day, half night, we celebrate the return of the light. Made to celebrate the balance inherent in the Vernal Equinox, rebirth and renewal.

Spring in the Hudson Valley conjures the feel of wet dirt at your feet, warm sun on your skin, fresh small buds on the trees, bird songs and gatherings at Sylvan Lake.

These mists are hand-made and reiki charged.

Organic Essential Oil Blend and Witch Hazel with Full Moon Water.

Bottle size: 2 oz.

Suggested Use: For personal use, office, car or home. 

Directions:  For use as a body mist, hold the bottle approximately six inches away and generously mist your body. For use as a room freshener, mist generously into the air. Shake well before use. Do not spray in eyes or mouth.

Ships with a cone lined travel cap.